Param Thakkar



August 2020 | GitHub

A Minecraft plugin that creates a minigame for players to gather resources and battle it out

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Meme Adviser

February 2019 | GitHub

A reddit bot that analyzes the market at r/MemeEconomy and provides insightful information on investments

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1 Point

December 2018 | GitHub

A simple-to-use URL shortener

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Imagine Hackathon

September 2018

Pitched Mathu: the winning entry at the 24-hour Imagine Hackthon in Brampton

Gauss Math Contest

May 2017

Ranked first place from Allan A. Martin for writing the Grade 7 Gauss Math Contest

App of the Month

January 2017

Recieved MIT’s Most Creative App of the Month award for SpellBind


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